Middle-earth: Shadow of War Nurnen Walkthrough – The Best Defense, Damaged, Missing, A Stench on the Wind

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Nurnen Walkthrough will help you with every step of the missions in this region during the Act 2 so you can progress.

Shadow of War is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Shadow of Mordor and the game not only takes the best parts of its predecessor but also improves them and adds another level of complexity of the game’s Nemesis system.

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Nurnen Walkthrough Guide

In this Middle-earth: Shadow of War Seregost Walkthrough Guide, we have provided a to-the-point walkthrough of all the quests that you can complete in Seregost during Act-2.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Nurnen Walkthrough

Middle-earth: Shadow of War The Best Defense Walkthrough Guide

For this mission, you will have to defend your fort against an incoming attack from Orcs. It is pretty straightforward, a captain will be leading the charge at your fort. Attack the captain and kill him along with all the Orcs that attack you.

Once they are dead you will be facing another wave of Orcs and this time there will be more than one Orcs captains. As you defeat this wave, another will attack you, just repeat what you have been doing and once all are done go back inside and a cutscene will play.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Damaged Walkthrough Guide

As the mission starts, players need to rescue prisoners. However, before you get to save them, take out the archers first as they will complicate things for you. Kill the Orcs and the Captains guarding the prisoners and free them one by one.

Once they are free, players then need to kill 30 Orcs along with Bruz. However, there will be quite a few captains in the army. You can also use Bruz to your advantage by mounting him and you can also dominate the captains to fight for you. Once Bruz’s health is down enough, he will flee the fight.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Missing Walkthrough Guide

Follow the waypoint and you will be ambushed and some ORcs will be mounted on Caragor beasts. It will take a while but, the fight won’t be that much difficult and you will emerge victoriously.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War A Stench on the Wind Walkthrough Guide

Follow the trail and you will find a Revenant, kill it and move on to the next waypoint and there will be three more but, they won’t put much of a fight. Move on and your next objective will be to purify a totem.

Zog the Eternal will be there along with his friends. Fight him and once enough damage has been dealt, he will flee but, the ORcs will keep rising up until the Totem has been purified. Purify the totem and all orcs will die.

That is all for our Middle-earth: Shadow of War Nurnen Walkthrough with tips on how to complete the mission in this region during the Act 2. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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