Middle-earth: Shadow of War Mounts Guide

This Shadow of War guide will help you learn everything you need to know about different Mounts available in the game, how to get them, Mount Skills, and other details on the game’s beasts.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War is an open-world RPG, which means that there is a large expansive area for you to explore. Walking on foot can work if you are the incredibly patient king, but most people would much rather prefer to have a mount which makes traveling so much easier and faster in an orc-infested world.

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Mounts Guide

This guide acquaints you with the process of acquiring a mount as quickly as you can, as the process can be a little difficult to grasp.

How to Get a Mount

Before you can find and dominate a mount, you need to open up your character menu from the pause menu and then take a look at the skill tree. The skill that you need to unlock is called Mounted and is found at the bottom of the skill tree. Mounted includes the following skills:

  • Caragor Rider lets you dominate and ride a Caragor.
  • Graug Rider lets you dominate and ride a Graug.
  • Call Mount lets you call a mount—such as a Dominated Caragor—to your side.
  • Shadow Mount lets you instantly mount a broken Graug, Caragor, or Drake.
  • Dragon Rider lets you dominate and ride a broken Drake

Each of the skills also includes upgrades which you can pick up according to your playing style. It is best to remember that Shadow Mount skill cannot be sued to mount a Drake until you have unlocked the Dragon Rider skill. You can still mount a Caragor and Graug as they are unlocked before the Dragon Rider skill.

After you have unlocked the required skill, you need to find a mount that you have the skill level to break and mount. If the mount is above your skill, it will be very hard for you to break the mount and ride it.

You need to damage the mount a little bit to weaken its resolve. Try to use small attacks such as an Elf-Shot from a reasonable distance. After this, approach the creature and hit all of the required buttons to mount it.

The mount that you prefer will depend on your playstyle. Try to tackle all of the mounts to find which one works best with your play style.

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