Middle-earth: Shadow of War The Tower of Sorcery Walkthrough

This Middle-earth: Shadow of War Tower of Sorcery Walkthrough will help you with this mission in Minas Morgul area in Act 2 of the game and will guide you on how to defeat Nazgul Suladan.

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War The Tower of Sorcery

Talion has faced many obstacles at this point in the game and it is time for the Ranger and the Bright Lord to come face to face to Nazgul Suladan and defeat him.

As the mission starts follow Eltariel through the city. As you move you will see Orcs, it is up to you if you want to sneak past them or kill them. Eventually, you will come face to face with Nazgul Suladan.

As the fight starts, take shelter behind Eltariel’s shield until Suladan stops attacking.

The rest of the battle is relatively similar to previous Nazgul fights and there will be a slew of Orcs with Suladan. Suladan will fire projectiles at you from time to time, so dodge the green circles as the projectiles will land in those.

Just dodge his attacks and land some hits on Suladan and be careful not to get hit as his attacks are very powerful. Once he is down, dominate, and banish him.

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