Middle-earth: Shadow of War Guide – How to Use Environmental Objects, Caragor Cages, Barrels of Grog, Graug Cages, Tips

The combat in Middle-earth is very complex and there are a lot of intricacies that you need to acquaint yourself with. The environmental elements in the game can be used to provide yourself with an advantage in battle if your timing is correct. This Middle-earth: Shadow of War Guide will give you tips on how you can utilize the objects and terrain around you to your advantage.

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Guide – How to Use Environmental Objects

In this Middle-earth: Shadow of War Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about using the environmental objects to defeat enemies.

How to Use Environmental Objects in Middle-earth: Shadow of War


You can shoot meat down and use it to lure beasts. If the size of the meat that you shot down is big enough, it might even lure in a Graug or a Drake. This will give you a chance to dominate them and use them as a mount.

Caragor Cages

You can shoot at the cage with your bow to free a beast. The beast will attack anyone it can lay its hands on which you can use to cause a commotion and then use that to your advantage. Be careful that the beast does not start attacking you.

Graug Cages

They work in the same way as Caragor cages work apart from the fact that you free up a power Graug.

Barrels of Grog

Orcs like to drink this so you can utilize that. Barrels are flammable and will explode if you shoot them. There is also an ability that you can unlock which will allow you to poison a barrel from afar to kill some orcs for free.


You can unlock an ability, which allows you to detonate objects, use that ability with the campfire to set nearby enemies on fire.

Morgai Flies

Shoot at the nest and flies will attack enemies around it. Those enemies will also be stunned and will not be able to fight back for a short amount of time.

Pile of Barrels

Shoot one barrel to witness a BIG EXPLOSION.

Spiders’ Nests

You can lure out spiders if you destroy their nest. They will start attacking nearby enemies and will cause a small commotion, which you can use to do your bidding.

Ghouls’ Nest

Destroy a nest and witness Ghouls emerging from the ground. They will attack nearby enemies and will make people turn away their attention from you.

Heavy Objects

They hang on lines and you can shoot them to land them on heads of enemies below.

That is all we have for our Middle-earth: Shadow of War Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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