Middle-earth: Shadow of War Combat Guide – Stealth Combat, Ranged Combat, Melee Combat, Combat Tips

Combat is perhaps what it all comes down to when you dumb down Middle-earth to its bare essentials. This Middle-earth: Shadow of War Combat Guide will give you a comprehensive overview of all of the combat mechanics in the game including melee, stealth and range combat. Read on to find out the best situation for each type of attack and how to maximize your efficiency when in combat situations.

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Combat Guide

In our Middle-earth: Shadow of War Combat Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about Melee Combat, Stealth Combat, and Ranged Combat.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Combat

Melee Combat

In melee combat, you try and fight with one person at a time and try to counter and dodge other enemies. You will always be outnumbered so you will need to be prepared for a really tough battle.

There are certain icons that appear above the heads of orcs and they tell you how you can counter and avoid their attacks. Keep on trying to perfect these two moves as they are the bread and butter of melee combat.

You can also jump over enemies so that you can attack them from behind. There are some units which will not allow you to jump over them and will throw you on the ground instead, so watch out for them.

Talion also has a chance to summon a spectral glaive which will knock down enemies around him. Try to use this to your advantage and time it when there are multitudes of enemies around you.

You can also grab enemies and throw them in Middle-earth. This will knock them down and disorient them. You can also use them as a shield and knock down other enemies. Hit streaks are also a great addition which let you deal extra damage and a long streak even allows you to break through shields and other covers.

Lastly, there is a chance that your attacks can critically strike and there are certain upgrades you can do to increase the chance of critically striking enemies.

Stealth Combat

Stealth is great because you have an element of surprise on your side. You can weaken enemies by using stealth and then directly attack enemies. Stealth will avoid detection and your cape is an integral part of you. Each cape has a unique stat which determines how hidden you are and how difficult it is to detect you.

You also have special attacks when you are hidden, these attacks can kill regular orcs and weaken captains before you start a fight. You need to watch out for the detection level that your enemies have as it will have an impact on how easily they can spot you.

A yellow icon on an enemy means that the enemy is perhaps suspecting something and a red icon means that your cover has been blown. At this time this enemy will start to attack you. Try to step out of their sight when this happens and they will soon go back to their normal activities, leaving you alone.

You can also activate Wraith-world which will let you scout the area. The enemies near you will be highlighted in red and objects which you can interact with will become a shade of blue. Remember though they can still detect you.

You can also lure or distract enemies while you are stealth. Orcs will easily follow a source of noise which you can use to kill them easily.

Your bow can also be used to distract enemies. Simply lure your enemy away from a place that you want to pass and then move past them undetected. This is similar to the meat which you can drop to lure in a beast for you to dominate and mount.

Ranged Combat

Talion has two main weapons for ranged combat. The bow and throwing axes are pretty much the same weapons so they are considered as one. Aiming with a bow activates slow motion which stays until you have completely depleted your focus bar. This will give you better accuracy and you can learn abilities to extend the slow motion time.

You should also choose your target. The bow is better for killing a lone orc on a watchtower rather than attacking a mob. Also, remember to hit enemies in the head as you will be critically striking with your arrows.

Remember that your ammo is limited and you can only shoot a limited number of arrows. There are arrows scattered throughout the terrain though and you can pick them up by simply walking over them.

The bow has numerous additional abilities which make it much more effective such as Shadow Strike which allows you to teleport to an enemy. You can also use your bow to interact with environmental objects such as pieces of meat to lure in beasts or flammable barrels to destroy hordes of enemies at once.

Lastly, you can unlock access to daggers and quick throw ability. Quick Throw will allow you to deal a small amount of damage and stun an enemy. This can be especially useful if an enemy is charging at you or running away. You can also further upgrade this to increase the chance of critically striking with it and/or throw multiple daggers at a time.

That is all we have for our Middle-earth: Shadow of War Combat Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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