Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Hunting Challenges Guide

There are two challenges in Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor – Hunting Challenges and Survival Challenges. Hunting Challenges require Talion to kill different wildlife sheltered in Mordor.

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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Hunting Challenges

Hunting challenges reward Talion up to five-hundred Mirian and range from killing simple arthropods to fierce beasts. You will also unlock Master of the Wild and Thrill of the Hunt Achievement/Trophies for completing all Hunter Challenges.

Challenge #1 – Kill Three Ungol Spiders
Reward: 100 Mirian

These arthropods can be found in various areas like cave openings and strongholds, both in Uldun and Sea of Nurnen. Get to one of these areas and go into the Wraith World to find these creatures scuttling on the ground. Use any tool at your disposal to dispose them away.

Challenge #2 – Kill Five Flying Creatures
Reward: 105 Mirian

There is hardly any area where you will not find these creatures drifting through the winds or sitting on their perches on top of tall buildings and structures. Enter the Wraith World and use your Focus to pick these creatures with your bow.

Challenge #3 – Kill Three Caragors
Reward: 115 Mirian

These lion-wolf hybrid creatures are the real deal when it comes to Hunting Challenges. You will often find these creatures behind bars in different areas like strongholds.

I would recommend getting on an elevated platform and swarming these creatures with arrows. You can also go in for a head-on attack, but this requires you to continuously dodge their rapid attacks which are pretty difficult.

Challenge #4 – Kill Four Mordor Rats
Reward: 130 Mirian

These creatures are somewhat like Ungol Spiders when it comes to size. You can find these creatures in areas like strongholds and encampments.

You can enter Wraith World to find these creatures as blue dots scuttling around the mentioned areas. Use any weapon you want and kill four of them to complete this challenge.

Challenge #5 – Kill Eight Ghuls
Reward: 150 Mirian

I like to believe that you will complete this challenge by the time you will finish the main story. The reason for this is that you will encounter these creatures throughout the main storyline.

If not, travel to any of the locations in Mordor at night and you are sure to run into them. In addition to this, these creatures will also pop-up on your world-map at random occasions.

Challenge #6 – Kill Three Morgul Bats
Reward: 180 Mirian

It is not killing these creatures that make this challenge hard, but actually finding them. In order to find these creatures, you need to travel inside a cave and keep your eyes peeled on the walls.

Also make sure to enter the Wraith World and use your Focus to make your bow shots count. These creatures will fly away as soon as they sense you closing in or hear the sound of your bow.

Challenge #7 – Kill a Graug
Reward: 220 Mirian

You will automatically complete this challenge by completing main mission, Hunting Partners. For a quick summary of things, you need to enter the stealth mode and get behind the beast followed by bleeding it.

Once you have done that, stun the beast by shooting in its face and finally grab the stunned creature to dominate and kill it.

Challenge #8 – Kill a Dire Caragor
Reward: 270 Mirian

You will find these creatures in wilderness of Sea of Nurnen. Do make sure that you have Shadow Mount ability to mount these creatures followed by killing them.

Besides, you can also complete the Graug Challenge during the main mission, The Great White Graug and kill the Dire Caragor at your disposal.

Challenge #9 – Kill a Ghul Matron
Reward: 330 Mirian

These creatures are extremely hard to find! The best way to find these creatures is to find a group of Ghuls and start killing them. You need to continue killing them and eventually a Ghul Matron will emerge from the ground.

Ghul Matron are very vulnerable to fire attacks and ranged attacks. Make sure to stick to these attacks as these creatures have insanely strong counter attacks.

Challenge #10 – Kill a Horned Graug
Reward: 500 Mirian

Graug can be found wandering about different areas of Sea of Nurnen; Harad Basin, Cab-Gwanth Bluff, and Cape of Nurn are a few of these. You can complete the Great White Graug mission to complete this challenge.

Alternatively, you can also unlock Shadow Mount ability and grab one of these creatures. Once you have done that, kill the creature and complete the challenge.

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