Mid-Season Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Update Brings New Content, Maps

Treyarch has just announced the content that we can expect to see in the mid-season Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War update. While it’s not much, there’s still a sizable amount of content, including new maps and two new modes for multiplayer and zombies. The update launches January 14.

To start off with, in multiplayer, players will have a new Fireteam map to play in, the Sanatorium. There is also a new mode called Drop Kick, a six-on-six game of nuclear hot-potato as teams struggle to retain control of a nuclear briefcase.

The second new mode that will be coming with the update is the new Cranked mode in the Zombies game mode. In Cranked, players will have to keep up a fairly consistent kill rate for zombies. If the countdown timer reaches zero without players having killed a zombie, they explode, adding a whole new level of franticness to the game.

The Black Ops Cold War update also comes with a bit of a bonus for Playstation owners. The Raid map will be added to the Onslaught playlist, along with having new Dark Aether intel for you to collect. There will also be more content for the season coming in the future.

So far, Treyarch has been mum on exactly what that is, but we can likely guess that it will be eventually even more maps and game modes, especially since this is only Season One. The next few seasons will likely contain even more content spread throughout the months.

Either way, the Black Ops Cold War update will be out in just a week, so there isn’t that much longer to wait before you can take part in Drop Kick or Cranked with your friends. So far there’s been no indication that any new content is on the way for Warzone.