Microsoft’s Xboxing Day Event Dropped To August Rather Than June

It seems like we’re going t be waiting a little while longer before we see any more games from the Xbox Series X. Jeff Grubb, an author and Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast, has apparently found out that Microsoft’s “Xboxing Day” event will be happening in August, rather than its original June.

This shift is likely, again, due to the coronavirus, likely along with a sizable amount of re-shuffling that’s being done for the Summer of Gaming event that has been organized in place of E3. However, the August event will be separate from the July event where the Xbox Game Studios will apparently be showing off their titles.

While some of the upcoming games for the Xbox Series X were already revealed last month, that was only a sneak peek to all of the Xbox fans that were wanting to see how games would look on their console. Those games were also third-party, rather than first-party Microsoft titles. There might be another reason as to why the Xboxing Day event was shifted back, too.

Sony has today revealed the new date that they’ll be using to reveal the Playstation 5 in all of its glory, being June 11 (this Thursday). Microsoft may be holding the Xbox Series X unboxing day back in order to try and one-up Sony in case they pull out any new tricks.

While this may not be hard considering Sony is already disappointing with the Playstation 5’s hardware, its game base is one thing that could allow it to maintain its supremacy over the Xbox. The company has also only revealed the Playstation 5’s hardware specs so far, not its looks, price, or games.

Either way, if Grubb is correct and the Xboxing Day event is actually coming some time in August, hopefully whatever happens both consoles are able to be successful in their own way. Hopefully both Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X games coming up this summer will look amazing, too.