Microsoft Actually Making “Progress” With Xbox Series X Fridge

Microsoft remains committed to make an Xbox Series X fridge for the public to purchase as one of the best gaming collectibles in history.

Taking to Twitter a few days back, Xbox marketing head Aaron Greenberg noted that Microsoft has been making steady “progress” and as such, Microsoft recently got a chance to look at some early designs for the Xbox Series X fridge and “sent some notes back” for potential improvements.

The concept of an Xbox Series X fridge was birthed out of humor when Microsoft revealed the looming monolithic design of its new next-generation Xbox console. While initially enjoyed as just an internet meme, Greenberg helped push the concept further by asking fans to help win a Twitter Marketing poll to find out the “best of tweets” brand champion a few weeks back.

The grand finale pitted Skittles against Xbox and where the latter won. Greenberg had already promised that Microsoft will produce a real-life Xbox Series X fridge upon victory. He and his staffers are now looking to keep their word.

It should however be noted that the final product will not be a bulky large-sized design on par with actual fridges. Microsoft intends to treat the product as just a novel item and hence, an Xbox Series X fridge will be a mini replica of sorts.

The final price has not been mentioned and neither has it been said as to just how many units Microsoft will be making available for sale. Either way, fans can expect the meme to become reality before the year is over.

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