Microsoft .xbox Domains Have Been Possible for a While Now

From now on, websites that use the .xbox will only be creatable by Microsoft after they make a successful application for the gTLD

With the growth in top-level domain suffixes available on the internet many companies look to obtain ones that have a connection to them. This appears to be what Microsoft has done with .xbox.

As noticed, Microsoft now have control of this domain suffix, which in theory means that they can create sites such as As they now own the so called gTLD (generic top-level domain) only they can create domains using this suffix.

While this doesn’t mean much to gamers as such, it does offer some security at least. If we are provided with a link using an xbox suffix we will know that this is a Microsoft site. With the many different links we get daily, this is sure to be helpful. Especially in the fight against spam.

As noted on the Neogaf post the important parts of the application that Microsoft made for this gTLD are:

  • Purpose is to provide users that interact with Microsoft through the .xbox gTLD with an increased sense of security and authenticity, to protect the famous Xbox and Kinect brands, and to promote the Xbox gaming and entertainment console
  • Microsoft anticipates that the .xbox gTLD will add competition to the current space to the extent it enables them to meet the demands of online gaming fans in a way that current gTLDs cannot.
  • Registration of a .xbox domain name will be restricted to Microsoft Corporation and its wholly owned subsidiaries.
  • All domains in the .xbox registry will be registered to Microsoft Corporation or one of its wholly owned subsidiaries.

If Microsoft are going to use this domain I’m sure they’ll let us know about it. In truth they could be just buying the gTLD to make sure nobody else tries to create websites using it. Which is an understandable move for Microsoft to make.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft being able to make .xbox domains? Let us know below.


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