Microsoft is Working on an Xbox Controller with Braille Support, Patent Reveals

According to a recently discovered patent, Microsoft is working on a new Xbox controller which comes with Braille support.

Microsoft is working on a new Xbox Controller with Braille support, according to a recently discovered patent. This patent was filed by Microsoft back in October 2018, but the documents were made public today on May 7.

The included designs in the document show a standard Xbox One pad with some interesting new additions. There’s a special braille accessory placed on the rear side of the Xbox controller with six Xbox Elite Controller like paddles and a display.

xbox braille controller

The mounted display can show texts and audio in Braille (a tactile writing system for people who are visually impaired). This can be used for reading menus, texts or as a way to chat with other gamers online.

Moreover, the document reads that this new controller for Xbox One or Xbox Scarlet will turn the player’s speech and commands to Braille input. In addition to this, the controller will give haptic feedback (vibration) to the players. That’s not it, these various functions can be assigned according to the likeness of the players.

The description also reveals that this controller can also be used with a computer or mobile device. “It will be appreciated that the computing device may be a personal computer, gaming console, laptop, tablet, mobile device, and the like”.


Keep in mind that Microsoft’s patents are a common occuring and are not always guaranteed to release. If it arrives, it will be gamer changer for handicapped people.

Microsoft surprised us all last year by releasing the Xbox Adaptive Controller, specially designed for people with limited mobility. We hope that this Xbox Braille controller sees the light of the day because it will help handicapped video gamers furthermore.

This patent doesn’t come as a surprise since Microsoft is always working hard to bring new ways for the players to enjoy video games. That’s the reason why Microsoft is also planning to bring video games on all devices through its live streaming service called Project xCloud.

It’s also possible that this controller is being made to support Project xCloud at launch. For now, we can do nothing but wait to see what Microsoft has planned for the future.


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