Microsoft Won’t Hold Back At E3 2018, Says Aaron Greenberg

As we are getting closer to E3 every day, everyone is expecting more from each of the conferences including Microsoft. As for Microsoft, everyone expects them to have a long conference up to two hours which we are not sure about but now at least it has been confirmed by Aaron Greenberg that the company is not holding back at E3.

When you talk about Microsoft, some people are most prominent including Phil Spencer, Major Nelson and Aaron Greenberg which are quite active on Twitter and they get asked a lot of questions from fans and they respond to many.

Well to address the duration which was mentioned on Microsoft site a few days ago that it will be of two hours, a Twitter user reached out to Aaron Greenberg to ask about the duration of the conference to which he replied by saying

Not yet we are still finalizing the show. But we are not holding back this year!

Which tells us that they still finalizing the show and the amount of time to be given to a specific game on the stage. This statements also tells us that we might get the longest conference ever as they are holding back for nothing which is best for all of us to hope some exclusive titles or maybe Halo 6. Possibilities are endless.

Aaron Greenberg is the head of the marketing department and it is his job to increase engagement and attract people towards Microsoft and its games but we can believe from his words that we will get a long conference and some new titles at E3 by Microsoft.

Phil Spencer has also reached out to gamers to have faith in Xbox One exclusives but we’ll have to wait until June 11, the day of the conference to find out.

What are you expecting from Microsoft? Are there going to be any Xbox exclusives? let us know in the comments below.

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