Microsoft Windows 10 Cloud Details, Cloudbooks Could Be A Thing Of The Future

Google is onto something when it comes to Chromebooks and the number of people that are adopting Chromebooks is increasing because they are easy to use and are inexpensive as compared to most laptops that run the latest version of Windows. This could change with the introduction of Microsoft Windows 10 Cloud.

Microsoft Windows 10 Cloud will be competing with Chrome OS when it comes out. Reports claim that the new operating system will be coming out on May 2, 2017. You might think that Microsoft released Windows RT in the past and it failed miserably. You would be right in doubting the idea but there are some core differences between the two.

What are those differences you ask? Well for starters, Windows 10 Cloud will have a better AppStore. People that buy a device that has Microsoft Windows 10 Cloud installed on it will have the option of upgrading to Home or Pro license. This means that users can pay for the whole experience and will not be limited.

Furthermore, the operating system will be able to run Win32 apps which is something Windows RT could not do. This was one of the major flaws in the operating system of old. This OS will be for students that need to do research and create presentations. Users will not be able to do heavy tasks on the devices that use this OS but then again you could upgrade to the full Windows 10 experience any time you want.

Minimum requirements for the Windows 10 Cloudbooks that manufacturers will be introducing are as follows:

  • Quad-core (Celeron or better) processor
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 32GB of storage (64GB for 64-bit)
  • A battery larger than 40 WHr
  • Fast eMMC or solid state drive (SSD) for storage technology
  • Pen and touch (optional)

Reports also claim that Microsoft will also be releasing a Cloudbook of its own, this could be something similar to the Surface series of products but we will have to wait and see that Microsoft has in store for us.

Let us know what you think about Microsoft Windows 10 Cloud and whether or not you think this idea could work this time.


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