Microsoft Will Strengthen Project xCloud In The Coming Months

Microsoft could not miss the opportunity to give more information about Project xCloud. They dedicated a good part of the show to the streaming platform.

Microsoft could not miss the opportunity to give more information about its cloud service, Project xCloud. They dedicated a good part of the show to the streaming platform, which will be more accessible and its catalog will be enriched in the next months. For starters, Microsoft recalled that there are currently more than 50 games in the Project xCloud catalog.

Microsoft keeps the promise of adding more games in the future. Micorosoft’s cloud service will expand in the coming months, as the company took advantage of Inside Xbox to announce that the service will be available in more parts of the world: in Canada, Western Europe, Japan and India.

Electronic Arts also attended the event, to reveal an important relationship they will have with Microsoft and that one of the consequences is the inclusion of Madden NFL 20 that is already available in the service. They also revealed that 3 more games will reach Project xCloud in the coming months.

But the news did not end there, since the developers announced that in 2020 the users of the service will be able to enjoy the games that they own or that they acquire in the future through the cloud, in addition to that they revealed that Project xCloud will reach Xbox Game Pass, so there will be new ways to enjoy it.

Also, in 2020 it will reach Windows 10 users, where it will have support for multiple Bluetooth controls and even DualShock 4 and, although it now only has support for Android, it will also reach iOS.

In other news, apparently with Project xCloud Microsoft not only seeks that you can play your Xbox titles anywhere, but also aims to be attractive for different markets. We say this since they recently signed an alliance with SK Telecom, technology and telecommunications giant in South Korea, to bring Project xCloud to this country.

This news was revealed at a press conference at the headquarters of SK Telecom and subsequently made known to the whole world through a statement. In it, both companies reported that Project xCloud began with a testing phase in October. The interesting thing is that the service will take advantage of all the SK Telecom 5G network technology.

This stands out for its high speed and low latency. Thus, users of this country are expected to have a great experience with the video game service.

Microsoft’s approach to gaming streaming combines 40 years of gaming experience with investments and resources from Azure, Microsoft Research and other business groups in the company, allowing us to reach players from all over the world. Alliances like the one we announced with SK Telecom today are critical to continue on that path and bring the gaming industry forward, starting with the incredibly committed players and studios in South Korea.

Although this alliance will not affect us directly, it is important for a couple of reasons. The first because it will demonstrate what xCloud is able to do with a network of the highest technology, so it serves to give us an idea of ​​how it will be when the 5G network reaches our regions.

On the other hand, it is a perfect opportunity for Microsoft to position itself in a market that enjoys gaming on mobile devices.

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