Will Xbox Scarlet Release Before PS5? We Highly Doubt It, Here’s Why

The press event by Microsoft at E3 this year was major. Xbox chief Phil Spencer stated that the creators of the Xbox One are already occupied in building the next Xbox generation.

Given the current performance of the latest consoles, Phil Spencer speaking about the development of next generation of Xbox came as a shocker to many people even though it wasn’t official. Lots of users took this move by Microsoft as impulsive.

But Industry Analyst, Michael Pachter from the Wedbush Securities firm, predicts Microsoft will release Xbox Scarlet before PS5.

While discussing various things in a recent interview, this matter came up where Pachter wasn’t reluctant to discuss Microsoft’s plans for the next Xbox.

He believes the Xbox One users that might have been offended due to Microsoft’s strategy of developing a new generation Xbox so early is understandable. Meanwhile, Patcher is confident that the launch of the next Xbox will be before Sony releases PS5.

He even predicted the year 2020 to be the time when Microsoft launches a new Xbox generation considering Sony does not plan on introducing PS5 before 2020. He opened up on the issue during a conversation with Gaming Bolt:

I’m sure Microsoft intends to launch first, and I am equally certain that the new Xbox will be backward compatible with any Xbox One X software.

I agree that it’s hard for Xbox One X purchasers, but they should know 4 years into a cycle that there is another one coming. My guess is that Microsoft intends to launch in 2020, but if they think Sony is going [to launch the PS5] then, they will launch early.

However, we do not think that would be the case at all. First, Microsoft just release Xbox One X last year and it is not going to end its life-cycle so early and Xbox One X gives Microsoft time to sit back and watch what Sony does. Secondly, Pachter has a history of false predictions and the man is in way reliable.

Microsoft made the mistake of showing its cards early back in 2013 and we doubt the company will make the same mistake again.

Source: Gamingbolt

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