Microsoft Allegedly Testing Xbox One Games On PC Beyond Play Anywhere

It’s no secret that Microsoft is constantly trying to make the best out of its dominance of the PC hardware market, and now a rumor is saying that they’re trying to go beyond by testing Xbox One games on PC, outside of the company’s Play Anywhere system that started several years ago.

The rumor was allegedly started by the tech enthusiast site Thurrott when, earlier this year, Microsoft offered a free copy of State of Decay to a closed group of Microsoft Insider members. These members were part of a PC testing group, and Microsoft accompanied the game with the message that it would be bringing new technology to Windows 10.

Microsoft didn’t elaborate on that further, but Thurrott did some digging once the copies of State of Decay began to be installed on PCs. The games are immediately different, as the State of Decay version being used wasn’t a PC version, but an Xbox version instead, as it had the .xvc format

While many Microsoft games already have the capability to cross-platform play between the Xbox One and PC, and with the Play Anywhere program allowing people to play games on both platforms without losing progress, this rumor doesn’t seem to support either of those aspects. If anything it further lends credence to THurrott’s rumor about Xbox One games on PC.

There are also a number of other games that have been highly requested to be on PC that remain console exclusive. While porting console games to the PC can be a complicated process, having games like Red Dead Redemption and more could definitely be a boost to Xbox, to say nothing of how it would help with dev teams if they only had to make one version of the game that could play on both Xbox and PC.

Since Microsoft has already made announcements about the Xbox Game Pass system coming to the Nintendo Switch soon, there’s probably a lot to say about Xbox One games on PC in the future.