Microsoft Surface Book 2 Will Come With Intel Coffee Lake CPUs?

Microsoft Surface Book is a premium laptop and it has got a lot of praise since it first came out. The laptop has been refreshed with Kaby Lake CPUs but new reports claim that Microsoft is waiting for Intel Coffee Lake CPUs to come out so that the company can release the Microsoft Surface Book 2.

Intel Coffee Lake CPUs will be based on the 14nm process and there is little that we know about the release of these CPUs. Some reports claim that the unlocked CPUs, the K SKUs will come out before the end of the year while other variants will be introduced later in 2018.

If this is the case, it would not be the first time.

If Microsoft Surface Book 2 will feature Intel Coffee Lake CPUs then we can expect to see a performance improvement of 30% as compared to the Kaby Lake version. Some can argue that if you already own the current version then it will not be worth the upgrade and that is one way of looking at it for sure.

Some reports also claim that the Microsoft Surface Book 2 could also use the SnapDragon 835 CPU but that is highly unlikely as Microsoft will most likely try and maintain consistent performance across the board. Check out the new promo video below:

Having said that, it is possible that there will be a lower-end version of the Microsoft Surface Book 2 that will feature the SnapDragon CPU. This is speculation and you should not take this information to heart until it has been confirmed by Intel or Microsoft.

There is no information regarding the price or the release date but seeing how the Surface series is a lineup of premium products, Microsoft Surface Book 2 will not be cheap and we will find out more about the release before the end of the year.

Let us know what you think about the Microsoft Surface Book 2 and whether or not you would be interested in buying one of these premium laptops.

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