Microsoft Is Still Hopeful For Xbox And Playstation Cross-Platform Play

Microsoft is apparently still optimistic about the eventual arrival of Xbox and Playstation cross-platform play, despite Sony having stated that they are not interested in doing so due to the risk that they claim is posed towards their younger players. Microsoft already does cross-platform gameplay on its PC with some games.

Playstation, however, doesn’t have anything like that, and instead is outright refusing any sort of cross-platform play at all. Playstation has said that with the large amount of ways that media can be shared, that it would be better for Playstation to lessen the possibility that children on a Playstation 4 can be exposed to something harmful.

Microsoft having a wide variety of different games is also one of the reasons that the studio would like to see Xbox and Playstation cross-platform play. While one of the problems with the Xbox One is a lack of exclusives, having games that are available on multiple consoles can really bring players on other consoles together.

For instance, ever since Microsoft acquired Minecraft, the game has been added to every conceivable platform out there. PC, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, or mobile, if it’s there there’s a good chance that Minecraft is on it somehow. Cross-platform play would allow players on different consoles to all meet up and play Minecraft together, and the same can be said of shooters.

Various games have also said that they would enjoy Xbox and Playstation cross-platform play. Games like Rocket League, for instance, have said that they’re all ready to go and implement cross-platform play, and all that they need is Sony’s say-so. But once again, it means that they need Sony’s permission, something that they aren’t likely to get.

Hopefully Sony and Microsoft can come to an agreement about Xbox and Playstation cross-platform play, and we’ll be able to play with more people than ever before.