Microsoft Rumored To Work On A New Xbox One Controller

Is this a new Xbox One controller developed by Microsoft? Or could it be something else entirely having some controller-like features? Whatever the case a new Xbox One peripheral has been leaked and it looks weird as far as controllers go.

The rumored new Xbox One controller has been posted on Twitter by popular Microsoft leaker Walking Cat. It’s clearly different than what we’re used to, with two customizable pads – possibly touch pads – and a d-pad – as well well as menu buttons. The tweet has no caption so it’s hard to say what this actually is about.

Furthermore, you can see that the rumored new Xbox One controller bears a USB port and 3.5mm jack on its left side. What we cannot see in the photo is the existence of the R-L buttons which may be on the top of the gamepad. We shall be patient and wait for Microsoft to officially make an announcement to find out more about it.

However, it looks like the new Xbox One controller looks a lot like the old school Nintendo NES gamepad which, even though is not considered a comfortable one, has gone down in the history of gaming as an iconic one.

The fact that the large pads have no indications on them, we expect that they can be customized to the player’s liking, something that no controller offers. Since the older Xbox One Elite Controller had the chance to change the left side pad, could it be the rumored new elite controller? How could would it be if those large customizable pads had backlighting indicating the button you want to press

For what it’s worth, if Microsoft is about to release a new Xbox One Controller it could be at their show at E3 2018. According to the company’s statement, their showcase at E3 will not be held at the event’s venue but will instead be held at Microsoft’s Theatre which is close-by.

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