Microsoft Reveals Xbox One Release Date and Price

Xbox One price and release date announced.

Mere minutes ago, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would be releasing this November in American, European and United Kingdom markets and will cost players a cool 499 Dollars, 499 Euros and 429 Pounds respectively.

Even though it’s only the beginning of the expo, I can’t help but feel that Microsoft has essentially ‘won’ E3 with reveal after major reveal from the likes of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain to Halo 5.

Xbox One came under heavy assault after the console reveal a few weeks ago for only focusing on the TV features of the console and neglecting to mention many games. Later other people started to criticize the system for privacy concerns, used games restrictions and always online requirements.

I have to say, the XBone is looking pretty attractive right now, let’s hope Sony can match up with an equally formidable roster of exclusive titles.

Unfortunately, there is no specific date yet but November is a start. What do you think? Has the Microsoft presentation changed your mind about which console you’re going to get?

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