Microsoft Has Intentions To Go Big With Perfect Dark, Renews Several Brands

Rare’s Perfect Dark is one of those titles that has ignited quite a lot of expectations, over the years that is. As for past few years, there have been quite a lot of rumors regarding Microsoft coming back to this title but as rumors are, we never actually got a genuine confirmation.

However, with Redmond renewing several brands associated with this Perfect Dark IP, fans finally have something solid to hang on to.

Just recently we came to know that Microsoft has registered Perfect Dark, now when a company registers a brand. As you would now, it usually does so with multiple other products.

Like the type of sources, it will be using in the game, the marketing exploitation rights of the commercial brand and similar stuff. So it, not just the game name that a company registers but it also goes beyond than just preserving the IP of a game.

Now with Microsoft registering this Perfect Dark title once again, pretty much translates into a probable fact that they have better plans for it and big ones too.

Last years we heard the rumors but this year has been exceptional in a way that there has been quite a lot of rumors and speculations about Perfect Dark getting into development at Microsoft.

From the month of January 2018 to present, those rumors did not slow down. If anything else they only seem to confirm that Microsoft has big intentions for this title.

We had a few rumors suggesting that the new Xbox One projects could be Fable, Perfect Dark and Forza Horizon. Now that we already have a Forza Horizon on rout, it pretty much leaves us with the other two.

Following that we had another rumor suggesting both of these games being developed in the UK. Then the biggest of them all, the E3 2018 rumors.

While most of them turned grey, the fact that Microsoft has renewed several brands, it seems to reason that Perfect Dark is in the big books. Perhaps we shall hear more about it soon enough.