Microsoft Patents Way To Give Player-Generated Items Their Own Rarities

Microsoft is apparently looking into new ways to make it easier and seamless for games to incorporate player-generated content.

According to a newly published patent from earlier today, Microsoft has designed a system which can automatically analyze third-party generated files introduced to a game such as custom items or mods by modders.

The same system will be following a predefined set of properties or instructions which can be used to calculate a rarity score for the said player-generated content and then proceed to assign them rarity levels.

Microsoft has also taken into consideration on-the-fly adjustments for its patented system. The rarity score bestowed on an item can hence be changed dynamically by simply tweaking the aforementioned predefined ruleset, making it fairly efficient for developers to embrace and balance modded content in games without having to invest precious resources.

Lastly, once an item has been assigned to a rarity tier, the player or modder behind the creation of the third-party content will be informed as well.

…a system and method for valuing third-party generated content within a video game environment…example, a persona item for a virtual character. The file(s) are analyzed to detect more predefined objective properties and a rarity score for the third-party generated content is calculated based, at least in part, upon the detected one or more predefined objective properties.

Being able to enjoy modded content has often been an important player-request. While developers tend to leave players and their modded content to themselves in single-player games, the situation can become concerning when it comes to multiplayer environments. Either way, a patented system like the one envisioned by Microsoft can help developers focus on player-generated content to boost support for the modding community more than ever.

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