Microsoft Patent Automates Queuing So Streamers Can Play With Their Viewers

Microsoft has found a practical and effective way to allow streamers to play online games with their followers (spectators) without any hassle.

In the current format, streamers have to jump through several hoops in order to do the same. They firstly have to make an announcement and then pick out the players interested in playing. This process alone can be frustrating since popular streamers have to generally skim through a hundred or so comments. The streamer then also has to manually create a lobby within the game and send out invites, or wait for the players to find and join the created lobby. When the game finishes, the streamer then has to go through the whole process again, picking out players who were the first to respond and create new lobbies for them, or kick out the previous players to make space.

Microsoft is looking to streamline the way streamers can interact with their followers. According to a recent filing, a patented central system will lie between the streamer and player. Those interested in joining their host for a game will have the option of queuing while outside of the game. The patented system from Microsoft will determine which player queued first and when full, will automatically allow the streamer to start the game. Once the game has finished, the same system will rope in the next round of waiting players — all automated, leaving the streamer to fully focus on their content.

In addition, Microsoft is interested in adding certain features as well. The automated queuing may be changed to prioritized players based on different metrics. For example, channel subscribers would be prioritized over guest players, or guest players would be immediately removed at the end of each session while channel subscribers get another chance.

Session participation in online content streams or activities like multiplayer games is enhanced through management of session tracking and automated queuing of players via a central system between host/streamer client device and guest player client devices. Spectators viewing a content stream or waiting to join a multiplayer activity over a network via a game/streaming service request to be placed in a queue to participate in a session of the content stream or activity as guest players with the host/streaming user.

2020 is a fairly important year for Microsoft. The launch of Xbox Series X during the holiday season will usher a new age of gaming experiences. Microsoft likely has more up its sleeve that the company will reveal with time. This new automated-queuing patent for streamers included.

According to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, Microsoft has a deep portfolio for E3 2020. The promise of revealing new Xbox exclusives has been made before as well but as the months closed in, hype has started settling that Microsoft will indeed go all out at E3 2020 this summer.

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