Microsoft, Not Sony, Might Be Publishing The Next Kojima Game

Microsoft and Kojima Productions are said to be discussing prospects of landing a publishing agreement for Xbox platforms.

According to GamesBeat editor Jeff Grubb earlier today, at least one source close to the matter has confirmed Microsoft to be in talks with famed Japanese director Hideo Kojima about publishing his next game.

While there is no telling if a potential deal has been finalized at the time of writing, Microsoft apparently wants to leverage Kojima Productions in a bid to add more Japanese games to its ever-growing pool, something Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has often cited as a goal for the ongoing generation of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles.

Something else of interest is that Spencer was spotted with a Ludens statue during a livestream last month. Ludens is the official company icon and mascot of Kojima Productions and speculations about a possible collaboration with Microsoft have been running amok since then.

It hence reasons that there was actual truth to the matter. If a potential deal has indeed been struck between both parties, a pressing question about exclusivity would need to be answered. Microsoft locking down a new Kojima-led game exclusively for Xbox consoles would certainly make news since the famed developer made his studio debut with Death Stranding last year, a PlayStation exclusive but which later landed on PC.

Last week, art director Yoji Shinkawa, a legend in his own right for his characters and work on the Metal Gear franchise, revealed that Kojima Productions will be announcing a new game in the near future. Whether that is a sequel to Death Stranding remains to be known but whatever the game is, Microsoft has apparently found great interest in securing it for its Xbox platforms.

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