Report: Microsoft Has Secured A Deal To Market A Major Unannounced AAA Title

Microsoft seems to make a lot of deals to market AAA titles, as back in 2015 Microsoft made a deal with Square Enix to make Rise Of The Tomb Raider Xbox One timed exclusive. Now a rumor has made its way on the internet that suggests Microsoft has secured another deal to market an unannounced AAA titles.

The rumor comes from the industry insider Shinobi602, who claims that Microsoft has the marketing for an unannounced AAA title. He then said “Bring on E3” which might indicate that the company might reveal this unannounced AAA title at E3 2017. It is important to note it does not indicate that it will be a Xbox exclusive.

However, given that Microsoft made Square Enix to make Rise Of The Tomb Raider a Xbox One exclusive this unannounced title could be timed exclusive too. But, this could also be like the situation of Destiny 2, where Sony is handling the major part of the game’s marketing.

It seems that Xbox might be desperate for an exclusive title for Xbox One because PS4 has already got Gravity Rush 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh, and NieR Automata this year and more are to come. However, the only major exclusive release for Xbox One is Halo Wars 2.

Source: Shinobi602

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