Microsoft Reportedly Backing IO Interactive’s “Ambitious” Project Dragon RPG

Microsoft will reportedly enter into another publishing partnership with developer IO Interactive for something code-named Project Dragon.

According to a report by Windows Central earlier today, Project Dragon will see IO Interactive take a drastic departure from its modern-day world of assassinations to a fantasy setting. The potential game currently exists as just a working prototype but Microsoft is said to be highly interested in publishing the final product under its Xbox publishing banner.

What little details are currently known state that Project Dragon will be a triple-a role-playing game with “an ambitious connected world.” Furthermore, as the code-name gives it away, dragons will be ruling the “large medieval-esque world.”

However, fantasy fans should not peg their hopes on Microsoft reviving the cancelled Scalebound game. Project Dragon is said to be a “brand new title and concept” from IO Interactive and which throws out any chance of the game being Scalebound in disguise.

Project Dragon will not be releasing any time soon if it even releases for that matter. The game is being prototyped at the time of writing and hence remains in early stages of conceptualizing. Prototypes usually go through a lot of stages of experimenting before the actual development begins. Hence, there is always a chance that IO Interactive decides to scrap the game down the road if the prototypes fail to meet expectations.

Do take note that Windows Central is not the only source reporting on Project Dragon. Eurogamer has echoed the same rumor as well, citing multiple sources who have confirmed the Hitman developer to be working on “winged beasts of the dragon variety.”

IO Interactive has been steadily working on its recently announced Project 007 as well, which will be an origin story for James Bond and which the developer hopes will signal the start of a new Bond trilogy just like the Hitman franchise.

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