Microsoft Has “An Inferiority Complex:” Micheal Patcher

Michael Patcher is back with another interesting statement regarding Sony and Microsoft’s rivalry in the console space. He recently spoke about PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio, saying that Microsoft has an inferiority complex.

According to Patcher, Microsoft does not care about winning the console war. Instead, the company worries about not hitting the expected number of units sold.

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I don’t know if it matters to Microsoft if there in second place. I think it matters to them if they sell 20 million units fewer than they should.

Somebody is going to win and somebody is going to lose. If the winner and loser was 100 million vs 90 million I don’t think anybody cares.

But if its 100 million vs 50 million I think Microsoft cares, because they know if there are 150 million consoles sold, they should at least have made a valiant effort to capture half of that.

I think that’s the problem with being second and I think Microsoft has an inferiority complex right now that they’re so far behind.

They’re behind in the US, which never happened before, they didn’t expect that at all.

Patcher also talked about PS4 Pro; he believes that PS4 Pro is “smart branding” and pretty much leaves Xbox One S irrelevant. Patcher thinks Microsoft will have to cut the price of Xbox One S 1TB model once PS4 Pro hits the market.

PS4 Pro is releasing on November 10 for $399 and if someone is willing to spend $399, why would they choose Xbox One S over PS4 Pro? The checkerboard technique that is used by PS4 Pro is far superior to Xbox One S 4K upscale.

However, Xbox One S 4K Blu-Ray drive is a very enticing feature.

Source: Dailystar

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