Microsoft Flight Simulator Hits 1 Million Sales, Seeks VR Testers

Microsoft Flight Simulator looks forward to a spectacular holiday season as not only sales have hit a magical milestone but also developer Asobo Studio appears to be wrapping up development of the virtual reality build.

Speaking with LA Tribune in a recent interview, studio co-founder Sebastian Wloch and executive producer Martial Bossard announced that Microsoft Flight Simulator has “already sold more than a million copies” on PC with the looming potential of “selling even more due to the very good feedback.”

The record-setting sales were made obvious a month ago when the game was said to have attracted more than a million unique players within two weeks of release. By selling over a million copies, Microsoft Flight Simulator become not only the biggest launch in the history of the esteemed franchise but also the the biggest launch ever for Xbox Game Pass on PC.

Asobo Studio has made a commitment to support and update Microsoft Flight Simulator for at least a decade. The game will be releasing for Xbox Series X once the next-generation console rolls out this holiday season, and also for Xbox One. Though it remains to be seen how such a resource-heavy game will run on current-generation technology. Either way, Microsoft has been working with Asobo Studio to bring the game over to the Xbox family of consoles.

Asobo Studio has also started seeking testers for a virtual reality build of the game. Microsoft Flight Simulator was confirmed to be compatible with virtual reality several months ago. While a release date has not been cited, the developer hopes to add the functionality through a free update in the coming months. It also remains to be confirmed as to which virtual reality headsets will be compatible. The developer has only confirmed the HP Reverb G2, slated for release next month, and “other leading VR products” to be compatible with the game. That includes Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Valve Index.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available on PC and for the time being will remain as the closest possibility of being able to pilot a plane in real life.

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