Microsoft Flight Simulator Sales Over 1 Million On PC, Biggest Xbox Game Pass Launch Ever

Microsoft Flight Simulator was released on PC over a couple of weeks ago and has already achieved record-setting sales in the nearly four-decade-old franchise.

According to an official announcement made just now, Microsoft Flight Simulator has attracted more than 1 million unique players on PC who have altogether piloted more than 26 million flights and logged more than 1.18 billion miles flown across the globe. Microsoft Flight Simulator has hence become not only the biggest launch in the history of the esteemed franchise but also the the biggest launch ever for Xbox Game Pass on PC.

The biggest feat of Microsoft Flight Simulator is the usage of real-world and real-time satellite and weather data to generate a near photorealistic recreation of the real world. Recently, players took to the skies to chase Hurricane Laura, the strongest storm to hit the Louisiana coastline in over a century, while others have been busy flying over iconic landmarks in the world, including their own homes and neighborhoods.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been promised a healthy post-release content support as developer Asobo Studio continues to pump improvements and updates to the world and gameplay, as well as expansions and add-ons in the near future. “There is plenty more to come on our flight itinerary,” said Microsoft, and those interested in earning their flying wings can go ahead and purchase the game on PC via Steam. Either that or wait until the launch of Xbox Series X this holiday season which should be when the game releases on consoles.

Microsoft Flight Simulator, for the time being, will remain as the closest possibility of being able to pilot a plane in real life. The game though is still a simulation, which is something fans should consider when purchasing a copy. There are no traditional missions or character progressions. You will need to be an aviation enthusiast to keep putting in flying hours or else switch to another game due to boredom.

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