Microsoft Flight Simulator Player Numbers Break 2 Million, Fastest-Growing Game

Microsoft Flight Simulator player numbers have broken 2 million faster than any other game in the 38-year-old franchise has before.

Even though it’s apparently the new Crysis graphically, Microsoft Flight Simulator is shaping up to become the fastest-growing game in the franchise’s history. Microsoft Flight Simulator player numbers have broken two million in record time, especially since the game only released in August, four months ago, according to a Microsoft press release.

Alongside the player numbers, Microsoft has also said that players have made 50 million flights, and have logged 3.5 billion miles flown to date. 3.5 billion miles would allow 19 round-trip flights from the Earth to the Sun, or being able to circle the globe 400,000 times.

The game’s fortunes have only increased with the past week, as well, since the game won Best Sim/Strategy Game of 2020 at the Game Awards. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 will also be getting a VR update on December 22, and will be getting ported to the Xbox Series X in 2021, with various updates also promising to expand the world.

Microsoft Flight Simulator probably owes a significant portion of its success to the coronavirus pandemic, much like other games that released this year such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Among Us, and more. Since people are unable to really leave their homes due to quarantine, it fits that Microsoft Flight Simulator player numbers would be as high as they are.

The ability to visit places around the world that you might have been planning to vacation in this year, or visiting the general area where relatives or friends live, would definitely be a nice draw for someone who can’t physically visit.

If you’re wanting to add to the Microsoft Flight Simulator player numbers for yourself, the game is currently available exclusively on PC, but as we stated above, it will be coming to VR and the Xbox Series X at a later date, sometime next year. In the meantime, happy flying.

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