Microsoft Comments on Competing with Nintendo NX

It is a fact that Nintendo is good at keeping secrets when they want to; and Nintendo NX is one of those things they will keep under the wraps for as long as possible. However, that doesn’t excuse their competitors from planning ahead about how they are going to compete with it.

For instance, looking at how the company has always thought out of the box, this console of theirs might actually pose a problem to Xbox One and PS4 if Nintendo’s claims are true.

Aaron Greenberg, the head of marketing at Microsoft’s Xbox division was recently talking about their plans for holidays when he was asked if Nintendo NX was a worry and will Microsoft have to deal with a disrupted console cycle because of it.

Greenberg’s reply was pretty weighted:

I’m not sure what Nintendo’s doing. I hear the same rumors and stuff that you do. I guess we’ll react to that when we know more. Nintendo’s always been innovative. They’ve always differentiated in their own way. They’ve always danced to their own tune, if you will. It wouldn’t surprise me if they do their own thing when the time is right. What they’ve done is unique and different. How they’ll compete with us remains to be seen.

That doesn’t give away that they are worried, and it also doesn’t hint that they couldn’t care less – which is all the more reason to believe that Microsoft is considerably concerned as to what Nintendo NX will do.

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