Microsoft Comment on Why There is No Rush for New Revisions of the Xbox One

While PlayStation 4 has seen different revisions to the console, Xbox One has not made the same move. Is this a wise move by Microsoft?

With the latest generation of consoles, while we aren’t seeing “slim” versions, PlayStation 4 has seen revisions to the ones on sale. What surprises some is that Xbox One has not seen the same changes.

In the same interview where Aaron Greenberg discussed Scalebound, he also discussed the reason why Microsoft have not released different revisions of the Xbox One console. When asked about the lack of changes, but the introduction of lower prices he revealed:

“It’s just part of the life cycle, that components that are in the box typically do go down in cost over time, so there’s always some benefit to that.

But you’re right. If you try to buy let’s say… a PC today with the same specs as an Xbox One, you’re gonna have a hard time finding one at that price point for sure. And so, that is part of the value of what we deliver by selling the hardware at a great price.

And you know consumers buy games, subscribe to the Live service and become a gold member etcetera. There are some economics that Sony has as well.

Our focus has been to be competitive on price, and the really big differentiator for us is having the greatest games lineup, having the best games, and continue to invest in innovating with the Xbox Live Service and being that great community where your friends play, where you can earn achievements, where you sort of build your Gamertag and your credibility, and we will continue to do that.”

He went on to focus on the importance of listening to the requests of the fans:

“At the same time having things like backward capability has been something that was our number one request from the fans, and to be able to deliver that and to be having our first waves of titles out and more in the works, is something we’re excited about as well.

So the team is working hard. I think we’re innovating a lot. Hopefully people feel like that if they look over the last year, that we’ve delivered a good year of innovation, and if you own an Xbox One today you know that in a year for now it’s gonna be a lot better, and so we will continue to innovate. Same goes for folks on Windows 10. You will continue to see us innovate there as well.”

Would you like to see more revisions of the Xbox One console itself to try improve performance and price, or rather have Microsoft continue as they are doing? Let us know your thoughts below.

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