Microsoft To Make A Very Big Announcement Concerning Treatment Of Digital Games

Microsoft will be spending more on Microsoft Games Publishing, Digital Ecosystem and unifying the Windows 10 and Xbox ecosystems. Having that said an insider has reported that the company will be making a very big announcement regarding digital games and how they are treated.

When it comes to Microsoft Games Publishing, it has been rumored that Fable 4 is in the works and that Microsoft has been inspired by Horizon Zero Dawn and wants Fable 4 to be next big thing for Xbox and PC and for the Microsoft brand overall. According to the insider:

So the first point is that Microsoft are looking into using the budget they have to invest in new projects (both first party and external) to bring them to Xbox in the future. Whilst there will be a couple of surprise games this generation, the majority of projects in the works or planned are going to be a while out. There will still be a live service focus across all of their big games of course.

Xbox Live, Xbox Games Pass are already here but there will be more features coming in 2018 according to the insider. The company will be focusing on Xbox as a service, or gaming as a service overall just like what has been done with Windows. The following is what the insider had to say about this:

In fact, we’ll probably see an announcement sooner rather than later on that front that will give us an indication of how Microsoft intends to treat digital games in the future.

Moving on to the third point, unifying the Xbox and Windows platforms. The company will be investing even more into this. Play Anywhere and a single store are examples of what of what we have got so far but expect to see more moving further into 2018.

We are not sure when these announcements will be made and they could take a while so stick around for more information regarding what the company has in store.

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