Microsoft Adds Sunset Overdrive Director To Its Roster Of Acquired Developers

As this round of the console war concludes itself, it’s pretty evident that the PlayStation has taken this bout home. With the groundbreaking success of games like God of War and Spider-Man, the exclusive line-up was just too much to handle for its rivals. Microsoft does have plans for the long run, however, as a AAA studio begins its formation in Santa Monica. The newest addition to the said studio is the Sunset Overdrive director, Drew Murray.

Drew Murray was only the latest addition to the Microsoft initiative, however. Lead producer of God of War, Brian Westergaard, Red Dead Redemption writer Christian Cantamessa and even Tomb Raider reboot director Dan Neuburger are with Microsoft.

Besides individual names and faces, Microsoft has also acquired Playground Games, Ninja Theory, and Obsidian entertainment. Who you all may know from Forza, Hellblade and Fallout New Vegas respectively.

The major conclusion that can be drawn from this is of course that Microsoft is looking to dominate the next-gen gaming line-up. Most likely with exclusives, similar to the way the PlayStation 4 did with its signature titles this year.

Whether these will be Xbox exclusives or Xbox Scarlett exclusives is hard to determine at the current time. Seeing as how we’re unsure of when the rumored new consoles will be officially revealed to the world. Beyond what we know about their names at least.

Ninja Theory is a strong addition for sure with how well Hellblade ended up doing. Fans and gamers will most likely be expecting a sequel. If Xbox were to exclusively own it, that tips a good amount of odds in their favor.

While Playground games is most recently well known for Forza. A lot of fans expected Fable 4 to be spawned out of the newfound expansion with Microsoft Studios. Sadly, however, this may not be the case for a long time. Still, another Forza is definitely just as welcome if not more.

Obsidian we all know from their amazing storytelling. Whether that be in Fallout New Vegas or Star Wars: KOTOR 2. Seeing them being added t0 Microsoft’s line-up could mean a prosperous future for story driven games. That’d make for one exciting Xbox exclusive.

The individuals from directors to producers that were recruited also show promise. Could we be seeing Sunset Overdrive 2? One can definitely hope.

Exciting news nonetheless, as the AAAA studio in Santa Monica continues to recruit and grow from Microsoft’s initiative. Fingers crossed for a good future to the Xbox and upcoming Xbox Scarlett. Hopefully, the PlayStation has something up its sleeve as well.

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