Microsoft Acquires PlayFab: What it Could Mean for the Future of Gaming?

The backend cloud-based service that works across all platforms for live games just got under the wing of Microsoft. The company has announced its take-over of PlayFab. The news of this acquisition is not completely public yet but we are hearing that more details will be shared soon.

Microsoft has intentions to utilize the technology of  PlayFab in order to encourage game developers to use Azure; which is MS’s own cloud computing service.

Kareem Choudhry, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, said that the company is willing to mobilize for a 100-plus-billion gaming market.

This also means that a big change may be taking place in the gaming industry as a whole. With more focus on the cloud, creators will approach game development differently.

What PlayFab offers developer is a model that naturally aligns itself with their games, reducing the barriers encountered in launching the games which are cost effective and helps the developers engage and monetize players.

It is a new generation platform that enables the developers to use the cloud’s intelligence to build and operate games, improving the overall gaming experience by a thorough analysis of gaming data.

Microsoft Azure provides the best available global reach for gamers and PlayFab is a platform which is naturally in synchronization with Azure.  This natural combination allows developers to provide the best gaming experiences created in a cost-effective environment.

PlayFab has a compelling reputation, serving companies like Disney, Rovio, and Atari. PlayFab currently powers more than 1200 games.

For MS this acquisition may become something that they have been wanting for a long time. Cutting the costs and creating the most optimal games is any developers aim and this just might be it. Although until we see its complete implementation and results we have our fingers crossed.

Speaking of acquisitions, Microsoft is eyeing PUBG, EA, an even Valve, according to a recent report.