Mick Gordon Still Wants To “Redo” The Doom Eternal OST

It appears that composer Mick Gordon has been trying to make amends to perfect the Doom Eternal soundtrack in his own signature, bone-crunching way.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Gordon stated that he has contacted publisher Bethesda Softworks and developer Id Software several times to “redo” the Doom Eternal soundtrack. However, he has received no response and as such, is now asking fans how to convince Bethesda Softworks and Id Software “to say yes.”

When Doom Eternal was released, audiophiles were quick to notice that the music lacked a little shine compared to the music of the preceding Doom. Gordon angrily went public to defend his work by stating that he was not given enough time to mix the music of Doom Eternal. The situation took a turn for the worse when fans went on a rampage of online attacks against Id Software and its in-house audio engineer, who everyone believed took over the mixing process.

Id Software had to issue a statement to clarify that Gordon was given enough time but he was still unable to meet deadlines. In order to not overly disturb the development process, the developer had no choice but to palm the mixing over to someone else.

The statement also made it clear that due to Gordon and his angry outburst, neither Bethesda Softworks nor Id Software will be working with Gordon again, at least on the Doom franchise and in the near future.

Gordon coming back to make contact in order to get permission to mix Doom Eternal just as fans wanted is perhaps a sign that the award-winning composer wants to fix the bridges he previously burned.

Note that unlike Doom, the Doom Eternal soundtrack is still not available on streaming platforms like Spotify.

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