Michael Pacher: Nintendo Switch Sales To Reach 14 Million, Outselling Xbox One in 2017

A recent report from Media Create predicted growth in Nintendo Switch sales in Japan. The console has sold over 1 million units in Japan while worldwide sales stand at 2.7 million. The console is doing well for itself and according to analyst Michael Pachter, Nintendo Switch should sell around 14 million units worldwide by the end of the year, even outselling Xbox One in 2017.

Speaking in his podcast, Michael stated that Nintendo Switch has the potential of beating Xbox One this year by selling 14 million units. It is going to be a close fight as Xbox One sales are expected to touch 10-11 million unit, Pachter said.

I would say Switch could sell as many as 14 Million and if that happens then that’s more than Xbox One. Xbox One is probably going to sell about 10-11 Million, but again Microsoft doesn’t tell you and there is no way to measure anymore. But I think Xbox One is on track to sell 10-11 Million a year, Switch is gonna do that 10-11 could sell more but it really depends and I need to get through to a holiday season to see

Moreover, a recent report mentioned that Nintendo has increased the production of the console to 18 million units for the current fiscal year. The production increase will help overcome the shortages. Once the handheld is widely available at retailers, sales are expected to see a boost.

Do you think Nintendo Switch can outsell Xbox One this year? Given that Xbox One X is releasing this year as well? 14 million units are possible? Let us know what you think of Pachter’s prediction in the comments below.

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