Michael Gamble Says Anthem Demo Content Will Have A Good Cross Section

With BioWare’s Anthem game getting closer and closer to release, the game’s lead producer Michael Gamble has answered a few questions on what we can expect in terms of Anthem demo content, two of which will be coming out before the game releases in late February of next year.

Anthem is the third in the trifecta of apparent open-world looter shooters a la Destiny and The Division, but it does have a big difference; rather than running around as a first-person shooter, Anthem puts players in the role of a mercenary known as a Freelancer, who accomplishes their missions by suiting up in a high-tech Iron Man-style power armor called a Javelin.

We got a story trailer for the game at this past year’s Game Awards, apparently where a shadowy figure was making it his mission to harness the power of the game’s titular plot device, known as the Anthem, to end a long cycle of destruction and chaos for good. According to Gamble, we’ll be getting more.

The Anthem demo content, according to him, will put players into the game starting at Level 10, giving us a number of missions, the ability to storm a stronghold, and some freeplay, allowing players to explore some of both Fort Tarsis and the world outside it. Unfortunately, none of your progress will carry over to the actual game when it releases.

People have been having their doubts about Anthem in the aftermath of Mass Effect Andromeda’s dismal failure, with many afraid that its failure might mean that EA shuts down BioWare as it’s done to other studios like Visceral.

BioWare, however, is confident that players will enjoy the game, and the Anthem demo content will be their chance to prove it to us. Along with that, despite the game being published by EA, it won’t have loot boxes, and players will know exactly what their microtransactions will get them.

Anthem will be releasing for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC on February 22 of next year.