MGSV Phantom Pain Pre-Order Deals on PC Tops Out Console

Next week Tuesday Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain will release on all platforms with notable discounts already cropping up for the PC Download version.

Several retailers have dropped the price when you buy before release: 2 notable for US Customers, and 2 more for the UK.

For gamers used to bargain hunting, it should come as no surprise that the real discounts are found on the PC platform vs. the console – though this time we’re faced with different price ranges for MGSV Phantom Pain depending on your region.

PC Deals

Right now the best price in the USA is undoubtedly 2game with a 25% drop on MGSV. It’s a bit of a surprise that 2game would have such a high percentage instant savings drop without the use of a coupon code of sort.

UK and gamers abroad in Europe might be better off going with either Games Planet or Funstock Digital, whose 25% off and 30% off discounts are pretty decent… though if you’re North American you should probably skip out as after currency conversion the “deals” are not much in terms of savings.

Console Bonuses
Discounts for the console versions aren’t easy to come by, but at least there’s a decent bonus offer at Best Buy making it worthwhile to pre-order.

If you’re a “My Best Buy Rewards” member (and who isn’t) you’ll get a bonus $10 to spend in the future at BB when you pre-order through them.

In addition to the $10 rewards, there’s actually a way to get a discount on console at Best Buy.

You’ll need to be a paid “Gamers Club Unlocked Member” ($30 for a 2-year membership).

Assuming you are a member you’ll get 20% off all pre-order games and can drop Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain down to $47.99 on PS4/Xbox One and $39.99 on the Xbox 360/PS3.

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