MGSV: Phantom Pain Medicinal Plants Locations Guide

Plants in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain can be found across its massive maps, and are important for developing various drugs and special weapons.

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MGSV: Phantom Pain Medicinal Plants Locations

As your Mother Base grows and you acquire new items, you’ll begin to need more plants to develop certain items.

Of course, you’re not going to be the only source of plant collection in the game, as you’ll be able to dispatch your soldiers, but if you want specific plants, you’ll probably have to go out and collect them yourself.

For that very reason, you should know where to look for them.

African Peach
This plant has big red and round flowers, and as its name suggests, can only be found in Angola. It is used to develop Sleeping Gas.

Black Carrot
Black Carrot is found in both Afghanistan and Angola, but more commonly in the latter. They are usually near wet regions or streams.

Digitalis Lutea
This looks similar to the species from the same genus, but has yellow flowers instead of light purple. It serves the same purpose as Purpurea, and is found in Angola.

Digitalis Purpurea
This plant has light purple, bell-shaped flowers, and is only found in Angola in the grass lands. It is used to strengthen tranquilizers and Sleeping Gas mines.

Golden Crescent
Golden Crescents stand out because of their large, blue flowers. It strengthens tranquilizer rounds, and can only be found in Afghanistan.

This plant grows in sandy desert areas in Afghanistan, and looks a lot like shrubs with tiny red and yellow flowers.

If you want some performance enhancement drugs (pentazemin, acceleramin), search for Tarragon in Afghanistan near grassy areas.

Wormwood is a common plant that grows in sunny and dry areas, found in both Afghanistan and Angola. It has tiny yellow blossoms and is required for using the Phantom Cigar.

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