Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain Easter Eggs Guide

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Easter Eggs guide to every secret in the game.

Kojima has always enjoyed placing lots of Easter Eggs in the various Metal Gear Solid games, and The Phantom Pain is no exception.

Across the huge maps and in-depth gameplay features are hidden many clever Easter Eggs that a keen eye would be able to spot. Here are the Easter Eggs you can find in the game.

Join the Fox Team
During the prologue of the game, when you try to get up with the railing while escaping with your escort, you’ll be able to notice a board with an advertisement saying ‘Join the Fox Team’ and a booth number.

The number is CP 2308, which was assigned to the Kojima Productions GDC 2013 recruitment booth.

Snake Skin
Players who upload their Ground Zeroes saves and have completed the Déjà vu mission in it will have access to a special R&D award. Among them is a classic polygon modal of Solid Snake from the first Metal Gear Solid game.

Falling Box Easter Egg
As seen in the Mother Base development demo, if you stand near certain safety signs located across Mother Base, a box will fall on your head knocking you down. This can only happen once per safety sign.

Birthday Surprise
When the game asks you your Date of Birth, you can choose to put the date for the next calendar day. When you reach the Mother Base, you’ll be surprised with a birthday gift (a cigar) and a cake.

Lisa from Silent Hills P.T.
Kojima Productions’ tragically cancelled Silent Hills had an extremely scary and awesome teaser demo. One of the decoys in the game can be Lisa, the ultra-creepy ghost lady in the demo.

It’s currently unknown how you can unlock Lisa as a decoy, but it is a possibility. Imagine how badly it would scare the enemy soldiers.

Silent Hills P.T. Audio Recording
One of the cassettes that you can acquire features the creepy audio from the Silent Hills P.T. demo.

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