How To Unlock MGS 5 Legendary Gunsmith For Weapon Customization

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain weapons customization tips and how to.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has a pretty detailed customization system that allows players to change their weapons’ stats, paint-job, camo, and so much more. There is no limit to your customization apart from your game progression. In this guide, I will provide an overview of how to customize your weapons in the game.

To start customizing your weapons in MGSV, you need to recruit a Legendary Gunsmith. However, to recruit the gunsmith, you need to complete his questline comprising 3 side-ops.

How to Recruit Legendary Gunsmith in MGSV

The Legendary Gunsmith is a weapons specialist in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain who can be recruited to bring about weapon customization in the game. Here is how you can do it:

Firstly, you will have to complete Mission-13, named “Pitch Dark.” This will enable you to do side ops, which are required to recruit the Legendary Gunsmith. The side ops are Mission 107,108 and 109. Completion of these 3 side ops will unlock the weapons customization option. Let’s get into the details of these missions.

Complete Mission 13 “Pitch Black”

Mission 13 is the first mission that will happen in Africa. The players have to make their way towards the north-western side of Africa and sabotage the Mfinda Oil field.

mission 13

Your main objectives here are to shut down the Oil pump, which is located at the oilfield, and you have to destroy the Oily water separator tank by using any explosives at hand. The oil tank is red, so it is easy to find, but the area is loaded with guards, so you have to use stealth throughout the mission. Once the objectives have been completed, you will call for reinforcements and either fight or leave the area.

There are side objectives as well which track back to the two villages near the oilfield that you can complete to earn extra reward as well.

Upon completion of mission 13, you will have to wait until the additional side ops become available. You can complete any of the other side ops or main ops until you wait. Sometimes, the side ops will not show as there is another operation going on in the same area (Check specific area under headings). Complete them to make the side ops available.


Deploy D-Dog as your assistant in these missions as he can sniff out the target, making it easy for you to find it.

Side Op 107 “Extracting the Legendary Gunsmith”

side op 107

Just as the name suggests, this side op is aimed at the extraction of the Legendary Gunsmith in MGSV who is roaming around with his bodyguards. This side op will take place in the village of Bwala ya Masa in Africa. As the gunsmith is being escorted through the village, it is your mission to extract him and neutralize the enemies around him. Use stealth or force, but be aware that the village is crawling with enemy forces. Once you extract the gunsmith, the mission is over, and it is revealed that he is not the gunsmith.

Side Op 108 “Extracting the Legendary Gunsmith Again”

side op 108

After the completion of the side op “Extracting the Legendary Gunsmith” players have to do mission-108 in MGSV. In this side op, you will have to go to Afghanistan. Specifically towards the basecamp shooting range. Get into the base undetected from the northern side and make your way to the shooting range. Neutralize the enemies in sight and extract the Legendary Gunsmith. Get out of the base to complete the mission. After the completion of this mission, it is discovered that the extracted person is, yet again, not the Legendary Gunsmith.

Side Op 109 “Extracting the Legendary Gunsmith Yet Again”

side op 109

For the third time, you have to go on the search for the Legendary Gunsmith, but worry not as this time he will be the authentic one. Start the mission and deploy near the Yakho Oboo. The whole area will be filled with guards, so stealth is the key. Make your way to the last room on the western side corner of Yakho Oboo, where you will find the real Legendary Gunsmith tied up as a prisoner. Neutralize any enemy in your way and extract him. Get out of the area to complete the mission.

How to Customize Weapons in MGSV

Once you have successfully hired the Legendary Gunsmith, you can see the Weapon Customization in the Customization Menu.

To begin, you need to open up your iDroid, open up the Mother Base tab, select Customize, and then open up Weapons.

After entering the said menu, you will be asked to choose the weapon that you wish to change, and you will see a list of swappable parts will appear on your screen. You will also be able to change the camo pattern on a specific gun. Do note that the customization options will be locked until you find the gun with such options attached to unlock them for customization.

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