Metroid: Samus Returns Proteus Ridley Boss Guide

Proteus Ridley is perhaps the most difficult boss to deal with in the entire game. You will need a lot of help and guidance if you want to clear this stage of the game. This Metroid: Samus Returns Proteus Ridley Boss Guide will provide you some very important tips and tricks so that you do not run into the problems that many players face when trying to beat this boss.

Before you read this further, it is important to note that Lightning armor is useless and you should get the Beam burst instead.

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Metroid: Samus Returns Proteus Ridley Boss

Phase 1

Remember that this boss is very aggressive when attacking but backs off in between his attacks. Use this information to stay on the defensive when he attacks and then immediately counter it by attacking when it is taking a breather. Avoid its tail at all costs by space jumping into the air as it deals a ton of damage.

When Proteus Ridley’s mouth waters with purple fire, it means an arc of fire is on its way. Move calmly and carefully between the fireballs to make sure you do not take damage from them.

Proteus Ridley also likes to rise up and smash down on the ground so if you see it get directly above you, back off. Deal enough damage to see Aeion Orbs pour out of him and begin the next phase.

Phase 2

When you see Proteus Ridley crawling, push it back by walking towards it; otherwise get the hell away from him.

Try to avoid whatever it throws at you by getting the feel for the timing and then jumping or space jumping based on your instinct as that is the best way you can dodge his attacks. His attacks from Phase 1 are tweaked to deal more damage but the basic principle is the same.

This means that you need to watch out for the same signs that you did in the first phase and try to dodge whatever attacks he throws at you.

Dodge the plethora of fireballs and ground smashes that come your way and deal enough damage to Proteus in between to begin Phase 3.

Phase 3

This is the time to use your Super Missiles. Use your Beam burst first and then rain the missiles on Proteus Ridley’s face. The attacks of the boss are mostly the same with only slight variations. This means that you need to watch out for the same signs that you did in the previous phases and dodge his attacks while dealing as much damage as you can.

One of the good things about this boss is that the gameplay is the same for the most part; it just gets a little harder with each phase. So try to watch out for his new variations and adapt accordingly.

There are two new attacks in this phase, the fireball shockwave, and the hyper claw slash. When the boss is flying and his mouth starts brimming with purple liquid, this means that the fireball shockwave is coming.

Dodge it by using your quick reactions and try to avoid the ground where the shockwave landed as that area will be ignited for a short amount of time and will cause you damage if you try to step in it.

To avoid the hyper claw slash, space jump into the air when the boss’ claw starts to glow. Remember to also space jump when Proteus Ridley reels back with his hands out and open. This move will deal a massive amount of damage so avoiding it is a must. Deal enough damage to move forward into the last phase of the fight.

Phase 4

When you see the Boss’ mouth emit white rings, either space jump to avoid his lunge if you are not in the position or otherwise just launch yourself at him and try to deal as much damage as possible.

The only way to defeat the boss from here onwards is by countering his attack. Keep on repeating the process until you have successfully killed the boss and ended the fight.

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