Metroid: Samus Returns Power Suit Upgrades Locations Guide

Our Metroid: Samus Returns Power Suit Upgrades Locations Guide is here to help you locate all available upgrades for your Power Suit. Samus acquires the Power Suit from the Chozo.

You can install multiple upgrades to the Power Suit which are scattered all over the SR388. In this Metroid: Samus Returns Power Suit Upgrades Locations, we have not only detailed the locations from where you can acquire these upgrades but have also provided you with some tips that will help you utilize these powerful abilities in a better fashion.

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Metroid: Samus Returns Power Suit Upgrades Locations

Varia Suit

Location: Area #2
Those of you who have played earlier Metroid titles might remember the Varia Suit. This suit can protect you from extreme temperatures of the Red Zones but do note that lava and Wallfires will still hurt.

The Varia Suit is located inside the room with 2 Black Wallfires and a Red Door on the right-hand side. Behind this Red Door, you will find the Varia Suit upgrade.

High Jump Boots

Location: Area #2
High Jump Boots in Metroid: Samus Returns basically let Samus jump higher and farther. With this upgrade, you will not only be able to reach otherwise inaccessible platforms but will also be to dodge boss attacks in a much efficient manner.

From the Teleport Station with surrounding walls covered in yellow goo, shoot the Blocks under the Flame Wallfire, hop into the Morph Ball passage, and bomb the Block.

From here, you need to drop all the way to the bottom of the corridor to find another Red Door with High Jump Boots upgrade inside.

Space Jump

Location: Area #4
This upgrade basically lets Samus continue to jump forever as long as you are pressing the ‘Jump’ button rhythmically. However, it is important to note that you cannot just mash the ‘Jump’ button and must be performing a spinning jump to execute the Space Jump perfectly.

With this upgrade, you should easily be able to access heights even impossible with High Jump Boots, provided your path is not blocked and you are not underwater. After the Diggernaut flees, you should be able to see Space Jump right in front of you.

Gravity Suit

Location: Area #5
Gravity Suit in Metroid: Samus Returns basically lets you traverse through lava without taking any damage whatsoever! In addition to this, the Gravity Suit should also allow you move through any liquid as if you were walking on the dry land. In order to find the Gravity Suit, you need to follow the path from the Tarmarga-covered door near the water-filled area and head inside the Red Door.

Screw Attack

Location: Area #5
Screw Attack basically enables you to barrel through enemies during Space Jumps and allows you to cut through a myriad of Block types. In addition to this, you will continue become invulnerable to normal enemies as long as you continue to Screw Attack. You will find this upgrade just before the Zeta Metroid fight, near the area where the Metroid Radar starts beeping.

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