Metroid: Samus Returns Morph Ball Upgrades Locations Guide

The Morph Ball is a very useful tool in Samus’ kit. After you find the Morph Ball, there are two possible upgrades that you can find to enhance its features and make your progress through the game easier. This Metroid: Samus Returns Morph Ball Upgrades Locations Guide will tell you exactly what those two upgrades do and gives you their locations.

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Metroid: Samus Returns Morph Ball Upgrades Locations

Morph Ball

Location: Surface
This essentially allows you to roll up into a ball and go into narrow areas in the game. Perhaps the most useful feature you could have through the narrative. To find the morph ball move through the surface area and destroy all the blocks in your path to come to an area where you have to wall climb.

Climb the path and then rid the area of all enemies as you make your way to the bottom right of the room. When you get to the door surrounded by a large red dome, fire a missile to get through it. There is an item sphere there that you should shoot to claim the item inside it. It will be a morph ball.

Spider Ball

Location: Area #1
This will allow you to roll up walls and ceilings and is a very useful upgrade for your ball. Move through Area 1 until you kill the electric Moheek and then continue climbing up the corridor before you head to the passage on the right and drop down the first corridor you see. Now jump to the platform above the deactivated door and go through the passage.

Move along until you reach the dead end and then shoot the block in line with the platform on the right wall.

Now jump and grab it and then roll up into a Morph Ball. Scan for destructible blocks on your left and head on through the first one that you find. At this point, you will find a new upgrade known as morph ball bombs that are explosives specifically designed for exploration.

Use these bombs to destroy the unseen blocks that are near the Chozo statue and then move ahead. Now move right and blow up another block that is found near the deactivated door.

Keep on moving forward towards the right, moving past the teleport station until you come to a tall corridor where you need to head down until you reach the bottom.

Use your bombs to get through the platform, go left and climb onto the platform.

Now head back to the room with the Chute Leech, use the ice beam that you will have received by now to freeze the chute leech when it is up in the air.

Use the leech as a temporary platform. Keep on moving forward until you find another Chute Leech at which point you need to repeat the aforementioned process.

Move forward through the door on your right after you have gone up using the Chute Leech, get to the deactivated door and jump onto the platform, using your morph ball to get to the other side and open that door.

Get into the room which is now unlocked and keep on moving forward until you find the Chozo statue at which point you will need to use your bombs towards the bottom left corner of the room to unearth the upgrade known as the Spider Ball.

Spring Ball

Location: Area #2
The Spring Ball allows you jump over small hurdles and dodge enemies easily. It is not really the most useful upgrade but it definitely allows you to move through the levels quickly. Defeat ARACHNUS in Area 2 to unlock this upgrade.

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