Metroid: Samus Returns Diggernaut Boss Guide

This Metroid: Samus Returns Diggernaut Boss Guide will tell you the perfect way to play defensively and of the best opportunities to deal damage.

The Diggernaut boss is very difficult to defeat since it is quite strong and his attacks damage you massively. This Metroid: Samus Returns Diggernaut Boss Guide will tell you the perfect way to play defensively and will tell you of the best opportunities on which you can capitalize to damage the boss and move on in the game.

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Metroid: Samus Returns Diggernaut Boss

Phase 1

The only way to deal damage to the Diggernaut is to its head or to its grinder arms. Dodging his swaying arms is very easy and requires just practice.

Get the feel for it and try to time your jump as perfectly as you can. When the boss starts to pull its arms close to its chest, this is the time to start Space Jumping. Repeat this process whenever the boss starts to do the aforementioned move.

Once you have dodged a set amount of attacks, the boss will take a more direct approach and this is when you strike.

Try to get as many super missiles as you can onto the Diggernaut’s head. Avoid his laser and try to deal damage to his head whichever you can, whenever you can.

Once the Diggernaut doubles over and places both its grinder arms on the walls, focus on his grinder. Try to target it with your Spider Ball when the up arrows face your direction. Reach the top of the grinders and then drop to its center and place a bomb thereto complete the first phase.

Phase 2

In this phase, the Boss enhances his moves to be more devastating but your job is to do essentially the same thing that you have been doing so far.

Destroy any acid rain bubble that you see. To dodge the laser, wait until the reticle locks onto you and then move away from the reticle to avoid taking any damage.

You need to especially watch out for his wind vortex. Dodge it by Spider Balling up to one of the upper areas of the room and then space jump over the vortex.

Try to get ahead of the vortex and leave a trail of the bomb in its path as it will suck them up and take them back to the core of the Diggernaut, dealing damage in massive amounts.

Eventually, the Diggernaut will drop his grinder arms once again. Get onto the arm that you did not get on last time and repeat the process that you did in Phase 1.

Phase 3

Therefore, begins the last part of the fight. Use the wind vortex once again to drop bombs onto the Diggernaut.

Try to avoid being hit by his shockwave by staying in the center of the room and jumping up whenever its shockwaves approach you. Apart from this learn the patterns of its lasers and try to dodge them as much as you can.

Eventually, you will damage the Diggernaut enough that his head will come to the foreground again. Spider ball onto his head and plant a bomb on each of the three purple panels that line with the outside track.

Once the bombs blow, an electric current is sent straight to the Diggernaut’s red eye. Repeat the process until you have destroyed all three of the purple panels to finish off the boss.

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