Metroid: Samus Returns ARACHNUS Boss Guide

Arachnus is the first real boss fight in the game. This Metroid: Samus Returns Arachnus Boss Guide will give you numerous tips and tricks on how to defeat the boss and move on with the game.

In our Samus Returns Arachnus Boss Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about defeating the first boss in the game

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Metroid: Samus Returns ARACHNUS Boss

Remember that this boss cannot be damaged while it is rolled up into a ball and only shots to it red/yellow flesh have any hope of harming it.

Use your Lightning Armor at the start to get accustomed to the attack patterns of the ARACHNUS. The most common attack that he does is his energy wave attack.

Although the first wave is easy to dodge, the next two are a little trickier. The thing to remember is that the timing between each wave is the same so it is probably a good idea to get a feel for this attack and try to parry it when you know the next attack is coming.

When you see the ARACHNUS curl up into a ball, this means he is going to do a speedy charge on you. This is very easy to dodge, as you just have to leap out of the way.

As is with his energy waves, ARACHNUS performs this attack three times in a row so be prepared for follow-ups. Remember that you do not have the chance to damage the ARACHNUS while it is spinning.

The boss also likes to Curl into a ball and jump around and the best way to dodge it is to roll up into a Morph Ball and then wait for the boss to approach you.

When he approaches you, roll over and move to the other side of the chamber before you repeat the same process.

The last ball attack the Arachnus can do is to jump up, pause for a moment and then come slamming down on the ground.

This will create a shockwave that will damage you if you are caught in its radius. To dodge this, just run away from him and jump when he is about to slam down onto the ground.

Remember that you cannot damage him while he is performing the attack so it is better to just focus on dodging it.

ARACHNUS can also launch fireballs; they will ignite the ground on which they land so get skilled at dodging them. This is also the perfect time to shoot some missiles into him, as he will be vulnerable.

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