Metroid: Samus Returns Aeion Abilities Locations Guide

The Aeion Abilities are upgrades that are truly special and offer you amazing enhancements the ability to scan a large area or deal more devastating and automatic beam damage. This Metroid: Samus Returns Aeion Abilities Locations Guide will help you find those upgrades so you do not have to waste your time exploring the entire area that can be a bit tedious.

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Metroid: Samus Returns Aeion Abilities Locations

Scan Pulse

Location: Surface
This ability reveals destructible blocks and a large portion of the map. To find it move through the surface area destroying all the blocks that are in your path until you arrive at the wall jumping area. Climb the path and then kill all of the enemies to make your way to the bottom right of the room.

When you get to the door surrounded by a large red dome, fire a missile at it and head on through. There is an item sphere there that you should shoot to claim the item inside it. It will be a morph ball.

Use the morph ball to roll under the statue and progress ahead. Now move left and you will enter a room with a giant gold medallion.

Avoid the purple liquid around it and head to the left side of the room. Jump to the ledge above the locked door and move forward to find an energy orb. Use the Morph Ball to roll up into the structure’s mouth and get to the Orb.

Beam Burst

Location: Area #3
This is very easy to find as it is found at the start of Area 3. Move forward and locate the Chozo Seal. It has 10 flashing lights.

After that, hop onto the ledge to the seal’s left, then Spider Ball along the ceiling to get to the other side of the room. Get into the next room and jump onto the ledge above the door. Make your way through the corridor.

Once you get to the top, go right and then backtrack when you see the blob thrower. Then spring and spider ball onto the ceiling.

Now bomb the paneling a few feet back from the Blob Thrower and them jump onto the area above. Bomb the upper left corner of the corridor to open a path to the Beam burst.

This ability sets your power beam to overdrive and allows you to deal more damage than usual.

Lightning Armor

Location: Area #2
This is found in Area 2. After you have located the second Chozo Seal, go through the charge door on the left and continue until the Morph Ball path.

Kill the Moheek and spider ball your way up the passage. Keep on moving forward and jumping along the platforms until you exit the room.

Now climb up the corridor and proceed to the door on your left to reach the next Metroid.

To escape it, head to the far left and shoot a missile at the lone block near the top of your screen. Climb through the hold, jump onto the ledge above, spider ball over the red plants, and get onto the lower ledge.

Now drop down the shaft and continue through the charge door on your left to find the Lightning Armor in the room. This ability uses Aeion energy to give you a shield that blocks nearly all incoming damage.

Phase Drift

Location: Area #5
This is found in Area 5 and is very simple to find. After you are done with the first Metroid, head to the left door. Next room is full of water so jump platform to platform to the top left corner and head through the door. Get to the next room and roll into the Morph Ball passage.

When you fall through the Pit Blocks, proceed right from there to find Phase Drift. This ability will slow down everything in the area except you so it is perhaps the most useful ability there is.

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