Metroid Prime Federation Force is a Disrespectful Atrocity That Should be Cancelled, Say Fans

Metroid Prime Federation Force was announced at Nintendo’s E3 2015 event yesterday, but it looks like fans were not impressed at all.

While it was great that Nintendo finally decided to shake off the dirt form the franchise, some fans think it was a disgrace to the series and now a petition has been filed to stop the game from being developed.

The reason? Fans think it has nothing in common with what the franchise is loved for.

The petition, which has been filed by what looks like longstanding fans of the game, leaves no bar in calling Metroid Prime Federation Force a disrespect and an atrocity to a 30 year old franchise.

It starts off by saying that Metroid is one of the most franchises that they revisited after a long time and continues to explain what the fan expectations were in light of the capabilities of the Wii U – in comparison with past consoles of Nintendo that the Metroid games were released on.

What we got however is a disgrace of a game with the name “Metroid” slapped on the title. It has no elements at all of what Metroid is about and its a disrespectful manner to old and new fans of the series of showing them that the Metroid franchise is not dead afterall. This is not the Metroid we asked Nintendo to make. We should let Nintendo know what we really think of the game and make them actually LISTEN to their fans for once. Help us stop this atrocity of a game from bearing the beloved Metroid franchise name and make Nintendo halt production on it.

So far, a little over 5000 people have signed the petition. Do you think that Metroid Prime Federation Force should not be made? Voice your opinions below.

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