Metroid Dread File Size Is 6.9 Gigabytes, Is The Game Already Finished?

One of the bigger bombshells that Nintendo dropped during their E3 2021 Nintendo direct today was the reveal of a brand new Metroid title aside from Metroid Prime 4. The new game, called Metroid Dread, might even be already finished, as the Metroid Dread size is 6.9 gigabytes according to the Nintendo website.

While the Nintendo conference didn’t say if it was already finished or not, the fact that they showed off so much gameplay, as well as Nintendo knowing the game’s size, points to it at least being very near to completion. Several of their announced games today, for instance, are only weeks or months away from release.

Of course, many of those are still third-party titles, so who knows. The amount put on the Nintendo website might even just be a placeholder in preparation for the actual amount, though we do also know the release date for the game so the Metroid Dread size is likely accurate.

The game, which will be releasing on October 9, takes place after Metroid Fusion. Famous bounty hunter Samus Aran must explore a strange new planet, and will be hunted all the while by the sinister robot known as EMMI. The game is the first 2D entry in the Metroid franchise in 19 years.

With everything that we saw in gameplay, it wouldn’t be surprising if the game was already essentially finished and the development team was now spending the rest of the time until release to be polishing bugs and issues that arose during development, but we can’t know that for sure until the game goes gold.

Either way, the Metroid Dread size hopefully won’t stop the game from being a worthy successor to Metroid Fusion, especially since it looks like it has the same spirit, including corridors to traverse and a near-invincible threat to run from. The game will be releasing exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on October 9. Hopefully the game will also be able to tide us over until Metroid Prime 4 comes out.